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How to receive payment as euros?

hey guys
i would like to receive my payments from fiverr as euro. today i received my payment as dollars in my payoneer acccount but i couldnt send it to local bank because my prepaid card isnt activated. but i noticed that euros can be send to my local bank. so now i would like to receive my funds as euros from fiverr. so how do i do that ?

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You’d need to ask Payoneer to change the currency of your card account with them, or ask them for their advice.

Fiverr sends payments in dollars regardless of where in the world you are, so it’s a Payoneer issue.


okay. thanks for the infos

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also you can change your deposit option to euro

As we are Bangladeshi, we have to face many problems because we don’t have PayPal, so after receiving the amount of your Payoneer account you will send someone and get instant money, there have lot’s of people who need that, thank :slight_smile:

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i agree without paypal its very difficult for us.thanks but they allow that features after receiving payments few times. so i had to activate my card to cash out fast.

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receiving money in USD not a problem! Payoneer has the option to convert currency so you can convert USD to euro anything you want