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How to Receive Purchased Deliverables

Do I need to approve the delivered sample image before I receive my source files listed in the purchase details?


This depends entirely on the Seller

Assuming that the specific Gig, and version/level of that Gig, that you purchased includes the Source Files, I would assume that the Seller would include that in the Deliver pack. Me, I would put it in a Zip with all the other bits and pieces.

Go on your PC (not phone) and see if there is a Zip or other files in the Delivery. If not, ask the seller (after checking that you actually purchased this specific thing and it wasn’t in a level you didn’t pay for).



Thanks for the info. Below are the details of the Gig purchased and all I received was a jpg file under the Delivered Your Order, (screenshot below).

3 HQ Creative variations with 300DPI JPEG + PNG + 3D Mockup + SOURCE & VECTOR Files

  • Unlimited Revisions
  • 3 Initial Concepts Included
  • Include Source File
  • Logo Transparency
  • Printable Resolution File
  • Vector File
  • Include 3D Mockup
  • Include Social Media Kit


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Ok, Did you ask the Seller?

Personally, I think it is slovenly on the part of the Seller but your first action has to be ask the seller.
Maybe they simply forgot (not that I think that ideal but one does forget things from time to, er, um bacon).


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Yes. I did that, (see below). But is this how the approval should be handled? I mean, once I approve the Gig that’s it. I can no longer communicate with the designer in the Gig and all I have is a jpg file and a promise that the designer will deliver on the Gig outside of the Gig.

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Um, that is officially one for CS to answer.

There are too many customers who cut and run so the Seller is trying to protect themselves, one should respect that.

However, my take is that there is probably a TOS breach here as if the full Delivery should be made for you to approve, and partial deliveries or holding things “hostage” are forbidden in both directions.

The reality is that in places like Fiverr customers have way more on their side than do sellers so maybe have a chat with CS and ask that they get the whole Delivery over for your approval - and be sure to approve it and pay unless it is severely broken.

I wouldn’t trade with this person a second time based on this as they don’t understand (or agree) with the rules which, to me, says a bit dangerous.

people protecting themselves = good
people refusing to trust = bad


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Agreed. I am a new customer to Fiverr and I am not clear has to the approval and delivery process is to be handled. And Fiverr doesn’t clearly layout this process.

I have dealt with this designer once before and this was how the first Gig was handled. It just raises questions as to the handling of the source files. Hence the reason for me opening this topic. Also, now that I have now approved the Gig, I am left waiting to receive the actual source files in my IN box.

As for protecting the seller, my purchase is held by Fiverr until the Gig is approved or canceled. So, there is really no risk to the seller.

I have already opened a ticket with CS and yes I will not be returning to this seller again, for more reasons than just this issue.

Thanks for your helpful input.

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Good and believe me, read a few posts here and you will see us Sellers are far from protected in most situations.


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The seller is completely wrong here and actually breaking fiverr TOS.
He can’t ask you to complete an order first and then he will send you all files.
On fiverr all files that are promised should be attached with a delivery itself (and that’s also why there is a source file section where he attached jpg file instead of source file).
Therefore your seller delivered incomplete partial delivery and that’s a violation.

In this cases it’s better to request a revision and ask to attach all final files as per their gig description.


Good to know. I will remember this next time. And maybe the CS will notify the seller to correct their practices for future customers.

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If you have explained to CS what happened, the seller might get an account warning. An incomplete delivery is a violation of Fiverr’s Terms of Service; sellers are supposed to attach all the files that were agreed upon when clicking on the delivery button.

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