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How to recognise fake buyers?

Since it’s been a few time in Fiverr.And I doubt that there is some seller who is using another normal account to get their job done at a low price and selling them at a higher price to an actual buyer.

Asking for advice from you guys.


There are many sellers doing that. But there is no need for a secondary account.
And I do not see any issue in buying at low price and selling at higher.

He obiously cannot buy at any cheaper than you are ready to sell. So it should not matter if you sell your service to end customer or a reseller.


Easy solution: increase your prices so it’s not worth it to outsource to you. Done.


They are not “fake buyers”, they are sales people, project managers etc. I wouldn’t be surprised if every third buyer here is a reseller to some extent. A lot of agencies are hiring freelancers instead of hiring full time employees.

Why does it matter if they resell your service? If others are able to sell your service at a higher price then either you’re not a good sales person or you should increase your price :wink:


Simply say
"Thankyou (username) I am not interesting in doing this job"


Yea that’s a good idea. Thank u

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