How to recover from account restricted?


Today i’m seeing that my account is restricted. how can i recover ? can anyone suggest ?

NOTE : the reason for restriction i guess that today for my personal work i sent same message to 4-5 seller


It’s called SPAM, and nobody like being spammed, especially here.
If you want to know more contact Customer Support.


how can i recover my account from restricted mode ? any suggestion @wuerz123


There have no option to restore the restricted account. you can contact fiverr customer support. hope they will help you.


Hi, you should contact Customer Support
There is no other way around this.


same problem here now.
my account also
i can’t sent any mail to support


sending message to customer support will be a good idea, my account was just restoreb


contact with fiverr customer support. my problem has been solved @imranhossain14


The only way of solving this is by contacting CS. No other way.


Just contact with there support team.
Only they can help you.
I am also suffer this problem some days ago.


Hello! Really got it restored?! That’s amazing news mine got restricted and im worried like i can open and all but cant talk or anything


Did they restored it?! Also What reason they gave you? and is it affecting your gig performance now?!


Congratulations friend! I see that your account is over 19 months old, so how come you didn’t know about Fiverr’s spam policy?


Dear, what did you do exactly to activate your activate again? Please help me


Fiverr Staff possess this power. Buyers/sellers cannot help you with this issue.
Contact Customer Support.


dear friend, the post was 6 months ago. i believe that to err is human :smiley:


contact with Fiverr customer support. and ask them why they restricted your account. after knowing the reason then promise to them that you will never break any rules of Fiverr and you will never do any spam. it may help you.

best of luck :slight_smile:


Your account is not restricted. Your gigs are showing.


Hello Friends,

My account also restricted. Raised support ticket 7 hours ago. Approximately in how many hours i will get response from support team ?


I think it can take up to 48 hours for support to reply, please be patient and wait for them.