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How to recover from account restricted?

Thanks Sue for your fast response. I will wait for their reply.

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my account got restricted . what can i do

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The answer for you is the same as the answer for everyone else who asked that question (in this same thread or elsewhere on the forum): contact Customer Support.


When this is happened ?

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It is not restricted due to sending messages to sellers, it is restricted because they have reported you to Fiverr that you’re Spamming. Avoid these things, if you want to be successful on this Platform. :slight_smile:

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Hello friends yesterday suddenly my gigs denied n can’t send message on inbox . also I m getting warning your account is restrict . you cannot send message this time . I have context support but they don’t given reply any one . can anybody help me n why my account restrict ?

It usually happens when someone breaks the rules.

Did you receive an email letting you know that your account was restricted?

No I dont recive any mail regarding my account restrict . i can login account but cant send message n gig is denied niow what i have to do help me please. thanks

i have contact support yesterday not getting reply n i read terms n condition but i dont voilate any tmc , now what can i do ?

Sorry but I can’t help you any further, only CS might help you.

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