How to Recover From the Fiverr Algo Change


Before you blast me… I’ve read all about how Fiverr has been testing new algorithms for their search.

I get it. I know it’s happening.

I’m curious about what ACTIONABLE steps we as Sellers can take to recover.

Case in point:

My 30 day average for gig impressions for my best selling gig has dropped by over 35%

My views for the same gig has dropped from the mid-20’s each day to one or two views.

I’ve tinkered with tags, adjusted the description, even adjusted the category.

And yet, falling impressions, views, and ultimately, falling sales continue.

I would routinely have 7 or 8 gigs in my queue — now I have one.

I’m not putting all of my eggs in the Fiverr basket either. I am involved in marketing in other online marketplace and even in the real world.

So I won’t starve to death.

So can anyone with some “inside” knowledge let us know what other steps can be taken to recover from this “failed” experiment?


I can’t really tell if I’ve been affected by these changes. I started 3 months ago, in May, and my stats have been slowly going up. At first I thought it was because it was a new account with new gigs and eventually I’ll make it to the first page. What I noticed is that reviews make a huge impact, I’ve kept mine at 5 and withing the first month I made it to the first page in the Sound Effects category. As I started working with clients I noticed I needed to tweak my gog description to better fit my services and add more pictures and audio demos. This made my gig go down in all stats for a few days but after one client hired me again I went back to the first page. I believe that when you recieve tips from clients you get a really nice boost in the search results.

If this info is already common knowledge around here, I apologyze for wasting your time :stuck_out_tongue: but I recommend tweaking your gig until you find the desired results keeping in mind that it might get worse the first few days.

Just my 2 cents


fiverr testing its search algorithm. i think good news for sellers on the way. Hope… :slight_smile:


Really a good news :smile:

One of my best selling gig that attracts around 25000 impressions but now getting less than 1000 impressions :slight_smile: since couple of months. I always update my gigs tags, keywords regularly but there is no change at all.

Checkout the attached screenshot :slight_smile:


That’s sad, hope it recovers!


I am facing a same problem also Don’t know what to do.


many sellers facing same gig impression issue. hope fiverr short out this issue.