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How to recover if you were a successful seller!

This is an important topic, because that’s something that happened to many of us, and many didn’t recover but just went down until their profile became lost and forgotten.

I tell you my story. I had an impressive boost of sales, contacts and requests of quotes in the period may-june-july-august

Then in september something changed. Reasons are many or could be many but I’m not here to discuss the reasons but the solutions. Also because the reasons for a stop in selling can be different from seller to seller.

Simply, I create music for games and films, that month is a stasis month usually, because projects are completed in summer and companies search for new projects. So it was practically normal.

What was not normal is that same happened in october, a stop in the opportunities. It was time to move and do something!

The solution that worked for me and that is bringing me to Level Two (on 15 december I’ll be Level Two!) is: Social Media Marketing.

The crazy thing is that I’m a Brand Strategist myself, so I work to improve branding in many fields, from using videos to promote your business, to create advertising campaigns in Social Media and other advertising tools.

I just need to use myself to advertise myself! It was simple!

Let’s talk about numbers: I’ve got about 30000 first degree contacts on LinkedIn. On Facebook I’ve got my personal Page with 15000 followers! I am also on Unity Connect (which is mainly focused on Game Developers) with an important Group and a good number of followers there as well!.

It’s also what Fiverr suggests strongly, to use Social Networking to promote the Gigs and it’s true. It’s the real, only tested way for promotion that has a 100% percentage to success!

This helped me to change the arrows from down to up in the statistics, and now I’m slowly going back to my usual requests for quotes, projects, connections and messages from customers!! :slight_smile:

Good luck anyone, Fiverr is a fantastic platform, never give up and use Social Networking! :+1:


How do you like Linkdin? I’ve considered getting one but not sure if it’s worth it with all kinds of other social media sites

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LinkedIn is impressive and powerful, for any serious business and professional. You don’t share events of your life but professional tips, business strategies and other useful things. Very very serious and powerful!