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How to recover my fiverr account

Is it possible to get blocked fiverr account back?
I was just reaching the level one and fiverr banned my account and send me email and said:
It appears that your account has been manually blocked by our dedicated team due to it being and existing clone account.
But there is no any clone account
what to do now?


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You have/had only one account?

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Yes only 1 personal account

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Ok, so i am a little bit confused here.

  1. What do you mean by this? Do you have another account that is not personal?

  2. If you had one account, how are you able to comment in the forum?

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I don’t have any other account I had just only 1 account of fiverr
My banned account is able to post in this forum how I don’t know about this

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Alright. I would suggest you contact CS. They are in a better position to help you

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send an email to CS by providing them maximum information.

They must have blocked because they suspected something wrong. Have you been sharing internet connection or a device with another person using a different Fiverr account?

This is because the forums are a separate platform. They’re a Discourse-hosted forum.

Where is CS contact?

Not at all I only have access of my account

Please share email with me

Here is the email: for Customer Support.

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There you go!

I did them many email

Can’t understand why you asked for the email address and then immediately replied that you had contacted them by email.

Sending lots of emails is not a good idea. You just need to wait for the reply.

Anyhow, nobody on the forum can help you get your account back.

We are just buyers and sellers.


What about this one?

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It’s not mine
There is no Iqra Ali by 1 name

Perhaps that account caused the confusion. Same country, almost the same username… Good luck with Customer Support!