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How To Recover My Gig?

I was ill and ruined my gig. Because the cancellation ratio and the response time increased. Can I get my gig back?

How many sales did you have on your gig before you got ill? If you had a lot then the downtime shouldn’t have hurt your numbers that bad. You likely won’t ever get back to 100% but you’ll still be in the high 90%s.

If there were not that many sales then you might consider just creating the gig over again as a new gig. Which of course bears the struggle of someone to buy a gig with 0 reviews which I know is tough.

One note though…as far as I am aware I have not seen another seller’s cancellation rate. So I don’t think your buyers will see that. Response rate adjusts pretty fast. Mine was recently up to 8 hours because of some down time but after maybe 4 or 5 days of replying within the hour I’m already back down to 2 hours.

Just a matter of time. Reply to messages as fast as you are able. I have my notifications set up so I get an email anytime I have any activity on Fiverr. That way even if I can’t do anything, I can hop in, reply and let the customer know when I will be more available.

Reply to @phoenix7813: Thank you for your reply. Actually I have completed 800+ orders. Also there were 73 cancellations. I thought that the reason for decreasing my gig. My avg response time is 2 days and response rate is 29%. how should I increase them?

Reply to @phoenix7813: Thank You!!!