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How to reduce order amount that already placed?

I buyer placed me an order mistakenly 20$ But it’s about 5$ work It’ okay for me. She just wants to change the order amount form 20$ to 5$ Is it possible or what is the best solution? Thanks :slight_smile: MIrajsujonbd


You can make a request to change, though resolution center

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Are you trying to split it into four orders?

Not like that, I deliver the order with 20$ But my buyer wants to pay 5$ ?

Then let the buyer cancel it and re-order.

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Is it will any chance of my rating?

Very slight to no chance. You HAVE TO DO IT anyway. Often you will need to cancel orders so do not worry about it.

It is effecting seller account and cause level demotion if your reduce value decrease than 90%.
So there is only one way to create resolution with customer support. They can reduce it without cancellation.

No, they can’t. All cancellations count against the seller, regardless of how they were cancelled, or by whom.