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How To Reduce Response Time On Fiverr

Stay Connected:
As they say in military, Communication is the key. Stay connected to your
profile 24/7. Yes, even if you have zero orders. Fiverr loves connectivity and values those users who are more active and stay connected. You can however, not do that from your computer or laptop but you have a better option for that. Download Fiverrs Application for your Smartphone and stay connected to your profile 24/7.

Get Notified On The Go:
If you do not have a smart phone or you do not want to install any more apps in your smartphone, there is another option for you. This will not keep you connected to your profile 24/7 but will notify you about any activity or order instantly via sms. This way you will at least be able to respond quickly to your orders and maintain a shorter response time.
To do that we will use an awesome free service called IFTTT (If This Than That). Go to and register your account. Then follow these simple steps:
Step 1: From the top menu bar click on your user name and then click on “Create” from the drop down.
Step 2: Click on the big blue under lined “this” text and then write “Fiverr” in the text box that says “choose trigger channel”.
Step 3: As you are writing “Fiverr” in the text box, black fiverr logo will appear, click on it. You might be asked to sign in to your fiverr account to connect it to IFTTT.
Step 4: A screen similar to the one below will appear. Click on the first option that says “New Gig Ordered” and after that click on the blue button that says “Create Trigger”.
Step 5: Click on the big blue under lined text that says “that”. Simple, isn’t it, as I said earlier.
Step 6: In the choose channel text box write SMS and click on the last result.
Step 7: Enter your number in the pop up and wait for the pin to arrive in your sms. Type in the pin you receive and click on “Connect”. Wait a while and you will be taken to next step.
Step 8: From the “Choose an action” step choose the only available option that is “send me an SMS”.
Step 9: In next step click on “Create action”
Step 10: And in next step click on “Create Recipe”

Here is what we have done, we have made a recipe in IFTTT that will do what the above image shows. Decoding the image is simple. “If my gig is ordered in fiverr then send me a text message on my number”
You get the idea?
Now stay connected and bring down your response time to minutes.
You get the idea?
Now stay connected and bring down your response time to minutes.

Admin Note: Genuine source - Fiverr’s IFTTT page:


What is a lower response time good for? What are the benefits aside from customer satisfaction?


I have managed to have a response rate of between 95 and 100 % Using Fiverr on a mobile device makes this possible and it is very easy. I do not know why sellers would not respond quickly to enquiries? Just seems like the professional thing to do.


A lower response time can be very beneficial to a seller because the response time helps to increase sales from buyers, includes better word of mouth advertising and references also from or by sellers; if you wish to impress a buyer at first glance and keep repeated visits, a lower response time on your fiverr account is always good to have!


Yes, that’s a very good point, having the app on a mobile device is very good for quick response to buyers.


Spam messages, I can’t respond to a buyer who wants me to click an unfamiliar link.


Good answer, and then other times you are working on Gig and giving it the attention it deserves!

Unfortunately, response time may go down as a result. :smiley:


Also, there is another issue when the subject comes to responsiveness like the huge difference of time between my country and a buyer’s country.

I usually receive notifications or questions from clients while it’s more than past bedtime, somewhere around 3, 4 or 5 in the morning…

I am not really sure how this “responsiveness” would help me stand out from the crowd.

Although, lately, I have been lucky because a client sent me a message while I was literally in front of my desktop screen and as a result my average responsive time went from 6 hours to 1 hour…

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No thanks, I check my messages in the morning and the evening. I’m not going to be ball ‘n’ chained–and as most of my clients are either in the USA or Australia, what time am I meant to go to sleep and/or relax?

Also, this seems like a very thinly veiled PR puff piece for that other company. Is there a conflict of interest here?

There is an outside link to another website in the first post. That’s not allowed.
I also wonder about this:
" You might be asked to sign in to your fiverr account to connect it to IFTTT."
I wouldn’t trust that.

You are right.

A normal human being needs some sleep and relaxation.

We are not some kind of a machine…



So, to clear some things up:

The OP has copied some information from Fiverr help files that aren’t often used and not that well known. If you do want to know more about IFTTT your best best is to go to Fiverr’s own resource on it here:

As far as response rate, I haven’t seen much from Fiverr on whether it really does much good or not. Maybe it doesn’t really do anything. I can say from personal experience that it doesn’t work very well, spam messages do appear to cause it to go down and I don’t think you can do a lot about that. The choice to check your messages should be your own depending on your work style. I think of response rate as a “potential feature” in beta that I can’t do much about right now. I would encourage forum readers to use their own best judgements on the thread here and to use the real Fiverr support information for best practice.

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That is a very good response time to have, most buyers literally like to purchase from sellers who have a quicker response rate especially If they are in a hurry to get things done.

Point fully taken; all humans need to sleep in order o function properly, however in the world of freelancer compete against each other you will need to be aware of what is taking place on your account most of the time, that way a sale you could have made will not just pass you by. Regardless of this post if you have a method that works perfectly for you; then that is good also.


The outside link will help alot in reducing your response rate if you dont have a smartphone or you would not like to use the Fiverr application. The method can be trusted and verified here by Fiverr Support

Just because information isn’t used regularly doesn’t mean the information is incorrect. The purpose of having a good response rate aims to show potential buyers that your profile is frequently active so they can expect you to get in touch with them ASAP if they are in a hurry to get their task complete otherwise that buyer will just find someone else to work with.

Buyers cannot see your response rate percentage. Average response time is different and can be seen. The difference between the two seems to be leading to confusion.

The info on IFTTT may be correct, and is explained well in Fiverr’s help articles. Stating the source of the tip in the top post helps avoid problems, so please do so when copying material for tips. Thanks!

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Average response time is based on your response rate percentage. In my experience the higher your response rate percentage is the lower your average response time will be.

Nah, unless it’s a 24 hour gig, it can wait until the morning/evening. 90% of my inbox could be answered by simply reading my gig…and that’s all I’m gonna tell them anyway.

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