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How To Reduce Response Time On Fiverr

Great to read article which may help me.

Not necessarily. Sometimes I let mine drop down to 5% or so, but my response times were still seemingly based on the average response times to those messages I did respond to (7-13 hours depending on the weather and whether I’ve sacrificed a goat that day).

Right now I’m sitting pretty at 92% and 8 hours. Neither statistic really matters, as far as I’m concerned.

While that may be true, not every buyer will take the time to review your gig and there is still a case where most sellers have misleading information in their gig descriptions!

Point taken but everything has a purpose whether visible or non-visible. How a person chooses to use the information is totally up to that individual but I am sure Fiverr wouldn’t have included that feature for no reason.

Thank you, I am happy the article brought some value to you :smiley:

I am not familiar with getting spam messages on Fiverr, so I cannot elaborate on that point.

I don’t actually think so. Response rate is fairly new, while response time has been around for ages. My response rate bounces all over the place depending on inbox spam and nonsense messages from confused sellers. Mine goes anywhere from 65-95% while my response time has stayed between 1-3 hours steadily for pretty much the whole time I’ve been on Fiverr.

I answer relevant messages mostly within 2 hours so that average seems about right. I’m not a sound sleeper so it isn’t unusual for me to check messages in the middle of the night. On the other hand, I flat out don’t answer spam and some silly inbox messages which tanks my response rate but seems to affect my response time very little.

As far as why Fiverr implemented response rate and whether it has a useful point, that’s a question only they can answer. They try some things out or implement some things just for seller’s to look at with no particular affect on sales. The world domination map is sort of fun, but definitely doesn’t affect my search placement or anything, for example. Fiverr is a young company that toys with some features just to see what might be of use down the road.

It’s kind of a moot point overall anyway, but I don’t think new sellers should assume that they have a big problem if their “response rate” is low. That hasn’t proven to be the case yet. I doubt I’ll bother continuing to bat this across the net any further but that’s where I stand.

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One of the reasons I highly recommend having the Fiverr application or using IFTTT method is to make it so when spending quality time on an order you are aware of your incoming queries and can spear at least 5 minutes to quickly reply. An alternative method would be the Vacation feature which is offered by Fiverr.

Thank you and I respect your opinion.

THANKS for sharing.its a informative post

One of the great things about the forum is the chance to learn from other buyers and sellers. I don’t believe there is any single path to success. Everyone needs to find what works best for them.

I will never even attempt to stay connected 24 hours a day. It doesn’t work for me. But, I still have managed to be fairly successful on Fiverr and in my life outside of the platform.

In general, I try and respond to every message, even spam, because I don’t want to take risks with my level. I use a quick response for spam and then block (or re-block) the sender. Messages that want work I don’t offer or just aren’t a good fit also get a quick response. I only care about response rate as it relates to my level.

Messages from potential clients get personalized responses, even if they are asking information in my gig description. I clearly communicate my price and turnaround times. This chases away buyers who can’t afford me. My goal with my responses is to convert as many of these potential buyers that are a good fit for me into actual buyers.

I think response time may matter more to some buyers than others. My response time is usually 3-5 hours. I never interrupt my work to deal with messages. When I am very busy, I only check messages twice a day. Once in the morning and once I’m done with billable work.

Early in May my orders dried up. During that time I was doing marketing, retoooing gigs, adding gigs, etc. I did respond immediately during that time to messages and was able to quickly convert some prospects before they moved on. As a consequence, my response time dropped to 1 hour, the lowest it has ever been. But, now I get more messages than ever, most of them from buyers I will never work with. I am now busy again and back to my old twice a day routine for checking messages. I expect my response time to drop.

For me, quality of the communication with prospects matters much more than speed. Your mileage may vary.


good and informative to others.thanks to sharing your experience

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Same thing happens with me. now i can get back to track?