How to refund additional custom offer of an order?


I have an order 25$. I did that job successfully then buyer wants few more works i sent additional custom offer 80$ in that order. Now total order is 105$.

I can’t complete the additional task. Now i want to refund that 80$ additional custom offer. And want to keep 25$ real order. Is there any way?

And i have seen another bug in fiverr , In that case above, additional custom offer not adding ‘active orders’ reviews i mean upcomming earning.

Do you have any solution? I contact fiverr cs but not fixed yet, conversation processing every time new cs man comming, difficult to understand theme.

Thanks in advance. :slight_smile:


Partial refunds are not allowed as far as I know.

You need to refund the entire order, then have the buyer place a new one for $25.

It’s messy and not ideal I know.

On the other hand maybe CS can do something about it…