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How to refund completed order?

I have mentioned in my gig description that discuss your requirement before placing any order. I got one order of 5$ with small request. I asked him to discuss before placing any order, he told me that he is new here and don’t know many things. So I accepted his order and started. After some work of 2 hours I realized that its not possible. I contacted him told that his request is not possible If he is agree I can provide him same thing in different form. He agreed and told me that this is looking great go ahead and deliver it. I did the same as he told me. I delivered. After that he just marked my order complete and gave me 4 stars.

He just ruined my 1 year of hard work and dedication for just 5$. I want to refund him his money. I tried to add a resolution but there isn’t any option of refunding yet.

Does anyone know a solution ? Please help me. Thanks.

There is really no reason to refund the money. You did the work and the buyer agreed, you should keep the funds. The review will not be removed and 4 stars is a good review, so why would you refund now?


I have him 5 Star service, 5 Star communication and deserve 5. I guided him correctly gave him what I promised. I don’t want 4 Star rating. Either 5 or refund of he isn’t happy with me.

Well, you can’t get a review changed based on a refund, so that’s out. Fiverr policy no longer allows the exchange of a refund for any kind of review edit or removal. 4 stars is honestly a very good positive review and Fiverr wants buyers to be honest and sellers to understand that. In fact, many buyers will trust you more if you have some 4-4.5 star reviews mixed in because they know you gained them honestly.

If the buyer made a mistake, you can allow them to change it through the resolution center, but otherwise there is no way to change it.


What if I have created a dispute for modify review and then cancelled it :no_mouth:. Can customer service help me in this?

As @fonthaunt said, 4 star is a good review.
However, if you are that much shocked about your four* then let me tell you a story.
2weeks ago, a new buyer ordered me, and I completed his task with 100% satisfaction. Then he gave me a four* with $10 TIP. I asked him, why he gave me ten bucks TIP with a 4* on my $5 gig. Then he replied, there was the word “excellent” in the background of that four*, so he gave me the excellent review. Then I explained everything about star system and asked for a modification from resolution center and he accepted my request and gave me 5*.
That buyer was damn honest and stupid. However, In your case, it may backfire if you use resolution center and your customer feel that annoying, either he will reject or give your worst review.

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@fonthaunt @n4y33m May be you guys are right about everything and I am too emotional :worried: with my first 4 Star. I had orders with more than 500 and I never compromised on average service. And this was a very small order and I have this one same service.

But it’s strange 500$ order and 5$ order don’t any have difference. There should be a formula for each review of it’s an 1000$ order it’s review should weight more than 5$ order.

Right now it’s the same if any of my rival want to ruin my profile there is 100% chance they can. Just order anything get it and then give a bad review. How fiverr protect such things? Anyone have such experience?

Nope, I do not have any experience like that. I am relatively new to Fiverr, and I do not have complaints about how the site works either…

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Cool. Thanks for the guidance.

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Customer Service shouldn’t be needed for this. If you cancelled it, the review will stay and the buyer still can’t change the review. I would just leave it, because as @n4y33m said, the buyer might have changed it to lower because of annoyance.

I’ve seen lots of people worry about this, but it’s never happened to me or anyone I know personally. Think about it, though. If a rival does this repeatedly it would be obvious and you could Contact Customer Support and they would see the abuse and take action.

On the other hand, that rival has to pay you to leave those reviews. If you have 500, it would take a several to impact you much. Most sellers can’t afford to pay a bunch of their own earnings just to leave a few bad reviews for someone. Usually this is really not a worry, just a myth.


:slight_smile:️ Before posting this here I thought only
:star::star::star::star::star: is a good rating. But you told me 4 is also good. I thought 4 will get my over all rating down to 4.

But this is not the case right?

Not even close. I just looked at your profile and I see the 4 star review which looks fine. Your overall is still 5 because the 4 star is just a tiny percentage. Here is what I see on your profile:


Thank you for clearing things up and guiding me. Really appreciate your efforts. And thanks for visiting my profile.

It’s like aggregated scores all of I get 4 most of the time then I’ll down to 4 otherwise one or two 4 can’t put my overall rating down. Right?

I will try not to take any orders from such users who don’t care about sellers.

Finally I can die in peace :wink: lols.

Thank you :blush:

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