How to refund from disabled account


hy guys …can you please tell me how to refunds from a disabled fiverr account? its will be 3 months on 14may…


What did Fiverr tell you when you account was disabled? They (Customer Service) are the only people who can answer your question. We are not CS here on the forums. We cannot help you.

If you need further clarification, contact Customer Support.


ok…thank you… for your advice.


its disabled about 3 month ago …my brothers accout,
i didn’t contact c.s yet.


Open a ticket with them on may 14th.

They will give you instructions what to do.

Most probably the account will be activated for 24 hour period for him to be able extract the money.

Good Luck! :thumbsup:


please clear me again…you think the disabled account will be active again??


They usually activate the account for a brief time.

Again, dont take my word for it.

But just tell him to make a ticket on 14th or 15th and tell them it has been 90 days and what is the next step of instructions.


oh…thank you so much very helpful information,good luck…