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How to refund money to a buyer?

The buyer ordered a 6000 words translation. The value is $110. But after we went through the doc., we found 1140 words are legal terms which we can not translate well. But we got an agreement with the buyer to give him a USD20 refund.

My question is how can I do the refund? I know Fiverr don’t let people share Paypal information. But seems like this is the only way I can give him a refund.

Waiting for your suggestion.



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Well that might be the only possible way… you’re not allowed to though according to TOS. BUT, you could have the buyer set up a tip gig (unless he sells on Fiverr too) or set up some sort of gig and order 4 gigs off him? it’s tedious but it would work?

Don’t do an additional order to “repay”, that’s an extra 20% “tax” which would be ridiculous overhead. Just have him re-order at the correct value and cancel the current order by mutual agreement (no negative impact).

Then he’s ordering $20 more out of pocket? that’s $40 of loss? if the seller orders gigs the buyer gets his money and the buyer retrieves some of his. technically for him to get all $20 you wuld have to order $25 in gigs. that’s 5 gigs. unless he’s a level 1 or level 2 seller as well as a buyer…you would need to order a gig from your buyer 5 times.

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can you please help me out? i have delivered order,later he was not happy.then he canceled the he wants 5$ gig can i refund?


When buyer ask for cancellation, you just need to accept it and then the refund will be send to their account


But if the buyer didn’t raise the cancellation then you can cancel it using resolve button in your order page.


But before doing that, I suggest you to offer your buyer some revision if it still possible.

Sometime buyer can really like the result after some revision.
Wish you all the best.