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How to refund my money back when I BAD experience [ANSWERED]

hi I have a gig so bad experience . I need refund my money back ,but the order is marked as completed ,and it is deliveried before 3 days . I did not give negative feedback if he can refund money back .My problem is if the seller not reply to me or refund me ,how can I refund my money back ,I can not find a place to contact with the fiverr customer service .

so thanks in advance for giving me some advise

First, be sure you click request modification on the order. You need to keep it from completing while you sort this out. See this for that part:

When you request a modification you need to write in the field and explain to the seller what you didn’t like. Customer Support may not be able to help you if you don’t try that first. While you wait on the seller’s reply, go to the Support Team link and click submit a ticket in the upper right-hand corner. Explain to CS what the problem is too. Between those two things either the seller can fix the problem or refund your money; OR Customer Support can intervene if the seller doesn’t respond to the modification request.

Next time you have an issue like this as a buyer, put your post in Conversations or Tips for Buyers or even Fiverr FAQ. My Fiverr Gigs is the forum category for ads, so it’s luck I saw it here. Good luck.