How to refund part of order?


is there way to refund part of the order around 30% or 50% to the buyer?


I don’t think so. I wish they had this option though.


I really have no idea, but try and go to the resolution center-thing. It used to be only for cancelling orders but I think it’s upgraded, so there are more choices now on how to handle it.
If that doesn’t work, I would either contact CS, or maybe cancel that order completely and start a new one which is 30% or 50% less.


To the best of my knowledge there isn’t a straightforward way to make partial refunds. You can always cancel & send an offer, but that would increase your cancellation rate.

Personally, I keep a spreadsheet for each client with debits and credits, and thus leave any payment exceeding rendered services as a credit. I also inform clients of their accrued credit each time I deliver an order.

If clients paid well over the actual cost for the service, or if they already had enough credit to cover the job requested, I used to cancel so as to refund them straight away, but since ALL cancellations started counting against my rating, I now try to avoid it if at all possible.


No you can’t do that


You will have to do a mutual cancellation and start a new order at the right amount.


Thanks Alot helpful information


is it possible ? I think my designer doesn’t understand me sweat I gave to her many opportunities


yet, it is not possible. but may be in the future it will be more helpful to refund what you haven’t done