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How to refunded orders work?

I created a request for an animated logo that was partially completed and turned into a custom order. The seller was late and not able to complete it due to some conflicts in the region he lives in so I ended up cancelling the order. To the right of my profile/dashboard link when logged in, there is a dollar amount shown that is not clickable or anything. It’s the amount of the custom order which was cancelled and, I assume (?), refunded. Just wondering if anyone knows how this works.
I also took the first part of the order which was completed in fiver but bc it was part of the incomple/cancelled larger custom order to resolution now twice. Does anyone know how this plays out?
Screen Shot 2020-11-06 at 4.44.24 AM

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You can knock to fiverr resolution center.

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Did you cancelled the entire order or you’ve completed an order before this one?

Support has mentioned that buyers have the choice of getting the funds returned to their bank or whatever payment method was used, or their Fiverr shopping balance. But I’m not sure if that has to be done by contacting support or if there’s buyer tools for that.

Please refer to Payment Terms chapter Refunds.