How to regain positive rating


I just wanna know how can i regain my positive rating to 100%


My recommendation would be to contact the buyers who have left you negative reviews and ask if they’ll consider removing the review for a refund. Or you can just deliver a lot of orders, earn positive feedback and then eventually the negatives will be pushed down the page. The former is much faster than the latter in most cases.


Mathematically it’ll never happen, although I guess if you can get to 99.5% perhaps Fiverr will round up? :slight_smile:


Individual gigs have their own rating, and then the overall rating I presume is an average. What happens if you suspend or remove gigs? Does the average include historical data?


Reply to @adnagam: agreeing with her. When you have a lot of orders with positive reviews you negative review will be close to 0. You can look at those with about 3 negative reviews and 1000 positive reviews, they will still have 100% rating


Just a precision here regarding adnagam’s comment " … contact the buyers who have left you negative reviews and ask if they’ll consider removing the review for a refund.", I’ve had two different instances where the buyer obviously had a language problem and didn’t understand what he was to expect and posted a very long and insulting negative comment. I simply canceled the order, he got his refund and his negative comment disappeared. The other one (a she ;:wink: this time) left me a negative comment I couldn’t understand (again a language issue), I contacted her to ask what was the problem and if I could amend, no reply, offered a refund, no reply, then after weeks of trying to fix and communicate with the buyer, getting zero response from the buyer, I contacted Support explaining my case, as they saw my efforts to fix and refund (I didn’t know then that I could have just refunded to clear the comment), they just removed the negative comment, and didn’t even refund the buyer.

To cut things short: Always try to fix the problem with the buyer by communicating and offer ways to amend, so that Support will see that you have tried, in case you need their help.

If you see that you are going nowhere with your buyer, inform him/her that you are cancelling the order and refunding, and do it. It worked for me.

Hope this input helps. :-@


Others have stated it. Unfortunately this is the only way as you can’t remove “late delivery” feedback left as it is automated.