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How to regain the number of orders?


I was doing quite great at Fiverr. I was earning a good amount but then one day at first week of April my best seller gig got vanished from search. I tried to communicate with CS and then again added my gig in database but then I never found my gig again. I modified my gig various times but it ain’t worked.I have 100% positive ratings. I stay online daily but I am not successful in getting orders. I don’t know what’s wrong? While I am putting the same energy. I need suggestions.


Well, unfortunately, Fiverr does not guarantee that seller gigs will be visible in the Fiverr search results. So you really shouldn’t be counting on the search results to bring you all of your sales. Find ways to market and promote your gigs as well.

Fiverr is currently testing their algorithm at the moment, so your gig’s disappearance may be temporary (and no, none of us know how long these tests will be), but I’m afraid there is nothing you can do to get back into the search algorithm. Perhaps you can try submitting offers in the Buyer’s Request section. That won’t bring you a lot of sales, but it might result in a few, depending upon the skill of your offer.


Others are doing fine now. While I am still out of the race. Just guide me how to fix it all. As my account is looking so dead.


We cannot fix anything. We are just fellow sellers, just like you. We have no control over – or knowledge of – the Fiverr search algorithm. You’ll have to ride the wave of uncertainty with us, although, you can certainly be working to upgrade and improve your gig during any downtime of lack of sales that you are experiencing.


Is there any information or at least guesswork what should be upgraded and improved? A gig that yielded 3-5 orders daily sounds like a pretty good setup, but it suddenly just doesn’t work.


me too .
I gave up the steady job to work on fiverr.
Now my revenue has dropped dramatically.


Create more gigs and send buyer requests daily. This might help.