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How to reject buyer orders for sellers?

Yo guys, I just finished a video subtitles gig (14 mins and it took me 3 days), and when literally i sent the link of my video to my previous buyer, one buyer JUST GAVE ME an offer and demanded it to be completed next day (around 10 mins).
I really want to know are there ways for sellers to reject buyers if they don’t feel like doing the job (even tho they placed offer WITHOUT consulting me). And please Fiverr, be more aware of what sellers going thru, we are part of your community, you know???


Offer or order?

If you set your service in a way buyer can buy your service and select extra charge to get things extra fast, then you should deliver.

Also, you need to set your mandatory requirements so the order doesn’t start until the buyer confirms he talked to you prior about the order.

There are many ways you can protect yourself from accidental orders.

You can set that the fastest they can get is 2 days delivery etc.

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thanks for the suggestion, i just changed my basic gig to 2 day delivery.
And for the mandatory requirements, I set my gig description to PLEASE CONSULT ME BEFORE PLACING ORDER. Is this enough?
And no, I didn’t select extra fast delivery for my gig perks.


No, no “please”.
Please indicates you are in lower position in this. You need to be higher. You are setting the price and terms, and if he has the budget to pay you then he should select you.

He is not buying from you because you need him to buy your services, he is buying from you because you are allowing him the opportunity to buy your services.
This is mine:

Change the mindset.


yup thanks, your words are useful :slightly_smiling_face:

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You can directly cancel the order from Resolution or you can cancel from support.

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yes, i did, i still haven’t heard from them yet
guess i have no choice but to work on gig and i stated clearly in my gig description that i dun accept offers without consultation.

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you can message them from facebook to get response from them faster.

Set a ‘fast delivery’ charge on the gig, so they can pay more if they want the job done faster.

Moreso, even if he demands that the job be ready the next day, as long as he paid through the gig page and there’s a time frame there, that is what the countdown will read, not his personal wishes.