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How to reject modification on order?


A customer asked for modification which i usually do, but this time he asked for gig extras which I don’t give for free for small orders. I replied to him saying that it’s clearly described that it’s a gig extra, and I recieved no reply! Fiverr have removed the “reject modification” option now I’m stuck with this and I can’t do anything!.. I don’t want to contact CS cuz it’s an express delivery and they take time, any suggestions?


You deliver again your last work again in modification…


Osman shahbaz


Agree with osman_shahbaz,that’s what I did. I just got the same case like you. The worst is the client didn’t /pretend to not read my gig description. She order confidently and ask for a modification that I didn’t offer even in gig extra. She said she would find another designer if I am not able to do it! Unbelievable! This is a hundred times that the buyer doesn’t want to read gig description, seems Fiverr need to do something about this, like “I agree and read the term and conditions of the gig” or something like that before they press the order button.


I would just re-deliver your same work, with a clear statement of why you could not do more work.


Reply to @titinochka: Yeah! The kinda customers who expect TOO MUCH from $5!!..And I bet they won’t even read any terms & conditions in case fiverr ever decided to do such thing!