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How to remove a customer's work in my profile?

I have a big question. How to remove a customer’s work in my profile? He will complain me to i’m showing his product label image. He said to remove it. But how to do it. And I didn’t add it. It’s automatically added.
And he told he inform to Fiverr in this situation.

He is told this.
“Hello Sachit, i browsed your portfolio and i saw you put our GURu label. you need to remove it , since you did not design the logo and design, you just out in the text. Everything was supplied by us. It is deceiving to customers. If you do not remove it we have to contact fiverr on the issue.”

Please Help me… :frowning:
I’m new seller. I don’t know what to do.


Hi. You can’t remove it yourself, you’ll need to ask support to do it.

You can only keep image files from being displayed in your portfolio, if you turn off the portfolio option before you deliver.

(The customer, however, can choose if they want their order displayed in the seller’s portfolio when they accept/review the order. You could find the relevant info in Fiverr’s Help Center articles and link it to the buyer, so they can see that it was actually up to them to have it displayed or not.
The default is display but they can untick that.)

Check these out:


Thank you so much your advice…