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How to remove a live project photo from my gig

Hi, does anyone know how can i remove a photo on my gig that came from a order ive done, live project was turned on. Thanks


go on your profile where are all the gigs press the 3 points from left corner down of the gig the oposite to price and then click advanced and then turn off live portofolio

Thank you it worked😁

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i am not sure but it will not allow any new photos for the next orders

You should only use your original work and photos.

Your profile could be reported, flagged and restricted from Fiverr.

etc etc

And this is really unspeakable.

The pure fact you could not even change the name on the photo…


You really did not even lift one finger to make not even one original photo??!??

If you need to remove a specific image from your live portfolio (without turning off your entire portfolio), you need to message Customer Support and request them to do it.

BUT you will need to give them a valid reason of why you want it removed (i.e., the buyer is requesting it to be hidden, it was a custom offer for a regular client of something that you usually don’t do, etc.) They’ll review the situation and remove it if they are satisfied with the reason they’re given.

@lenasemenkova His entire portfolio and GIGS are a copy of other sellers, photos to the description. Which makes the need to remove the photo from portfolio even more suspicious. Why would you remove evidence of your work unless clients ask?

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LOL How did fiverr aproved his gigs?? :roll_eyes:

I answered a direct question asked in the post. In case someone else needs it answered. I haven’t looked through and have no intention of looking through the entire OP’s portfolio. Someone else is surely welcome to.

CS does the removal and only if they find the reason good enough. It’s not something they take lightly.

As to “why would you”, say you did a boring minimalist presentation for your regular client’s side brand that sells heaters. The boring minimalist presentation is now in your live portfolio. You get a few requests to do more boring minimalist presentations. You say: “No, sorry, I don’t do that”. And one of the potential customers suddenly goes: “Liar! I’m looking at the one you did right now!” Then you go to the Customer Support with the screenshot of being called a liar (literally), they say “yeah, that’s not cool but good for you for meeting your regulars’ wishes” and remove the presentation.

PS I don’t think CS will find “lol I don’t want this here because it’s someone else’s and I’m getting called out” a good enough reason, though, OP.

Based on the above:

Users may report Gigs to Customer Support that may be in violation of Fiverr’s Terms of Service based on the reported Gig’s replicated similarity to pre-existing services (copycat Gigs).

The above is from the Terms of Service at the bottom of the Fiverr main page.

yes fiverr is a copyright warzone. the first time i looked at other peoples gigs to see how bad/good mine were, i was shocked at how people here actually get orders while they were stealing lots of paintings from different fantasy CCG. A good move of you, calling him/her out on this BS. Glad you did not leave fiverr(if i recall correctly i think i saw u posting you were going to leave fiverr behind)

If he just stole images, which is wrong, but 60% of newcomers do that, but he put an image with the name of other seller on the image. I need to know the mental process of taking photo from seller with his name large letters on it and placing it as yours. It is like he doesn’t know how to read letters, maybe?

I was going to leave but then one high profile Fiverr seller gave me full profile checkup and I wanted to respect his effort by applying the recommendations. Plus I got orders from organic search. I couldn’t refuse it.

60%!? is that an actually proven number? damn thats a lot of dirtbags…even worse if those people get orders with the advertisement of others and then disappoint the precious buyers. hey you don’t mind passing that high profile seller knowledge onto me, right? ^^

It takes time to study someone’s portfolio and what people who do that, invest their time, the experience is that the buyers do not listen.

Mostly because they are fakers and frauds so asking him/her to put original artwork when she/he cant even open Paint and draw a line is just exhausting.

Look at my two latest replies on new sellers topics, both of them have their entire portfolio stolen from other sellers.

I wish I could decide to quit using Fiverr as seller and just go on flagging bonanza, go through the entire Fiverr web page and report all sellers selling essays, have stolen artwork on GIG, selling adult content under fake titles, et etc.

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Think about logo industry alone it is full of scammers and so-called designers that do logos with phone apps or templates created by others and pretend they designed the logo from 0