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How to remove a project pic that your client has reviewed from your gig gallery?


Sometimes when my client reviews my work and leaves a rating, that image ends up going to my gig gallery - I do want to maintain a certain moodboard and don’t want every project I do here to show up there. Is there a way to get rid of that image, without disturbing the review?

Thanks in advance!


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Contact CS and explain why you’d like the image to be removed. They will if they consider your explanation reasonable.

I only got this done once but as far as I remember the review disappears from your live portfolio while it stays in text form on your profile page and below the live portfolio.

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I hate this. My portfolio should show what I want. I’m also pretty certain that this is a bit of a Fiverr GDPR oversight. Does anyone know if the box buyers tick to add work to your portfolio is ticked automatically? Or do buyers need to select this themselves?

Personally, I wouldn’t contact CS to have work removed as this could be interpreted as review manipulation.

One way around this is to send files via a Google Drive link when you deliver or as an attachment to a pre-delivery message. However, you do kind of need to deliver something as an upload in deliveries.

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It used to be a box that was ticked by default and you had to deselect it. Since some time, the checkbox is gone and you click on the thumbnail (there’s some text explaining that) to deselect it, which means if it doesn’t show up, the buyer did actively not want it to show up, so the “sometimes” it ends up in the gallery is when the customer either is fine with it being shown or didn’t notice.

From the Buyer Help Center (I sometimes add this to my delivery note):

As a buyer, you can add or remove a work sample to their review. To remove the work sample, please click the ( - ) button on the work sample thumbnail while writing your review.

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A .zip file would work.

Or turning Live Portfolio off for that specific delivery, and then turning it back on.


I did a logo for my regular buyer as a part of a custom package and got bombarded with requests to do logos after that. Couldn’t figure out what was happening for a while until a potential buyer basically called me a liar for refusing because “I had one in my portfolio”. CS removed the preview without question.

Although considering this, OP will have to remove previews more than once and at some point, it might be considered suspicious. You can have a cohesive live portfolio but only to a certain degree.


So, what’s the resolve right now? Shall I go ahead and contact CS or leave it as it is?

In my opinion, it shouldn’t go to your gig gallery and should remain in your reviews/ratings as a clickable thumb.


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Exactly same issue… how to do.

deliver the work in zip file it does not appears there :slight_smile: