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How to remove a thumbnail from my gig?

Hi there,

I’m shehan from Sri Lanka.
I have a gig that has one review from a buyer whom I have worked with back in 2018.
I don’t really like the thumbnail that I have put there.
Now I want to change it?
What can I do?
Please help me if you have some free time.
here is the thumbnail.


Since the buyer chose to allow your work to be added to your live portfolio, there’s no way to remove it now.

You could maybe delete your gig and make a new one, but the review would no longer be linked to that gig; it would just be a general review there. I hope this helps!


Yah. That’s right. Thanks for the reply

You could turn off the live portfolio for the gig but it would still show the image in your review sections.

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Does it mean that eventhough I deleted the gig, the buyer’s review will be shown in my profile?

By the way I appreciate your support.Thank you.

Thank you for your effort @uk1000

Found this: Buyers work shown on my gig page - #8 by weareartfull

Maybe it’s relevant? (Or post #12)


Yes, even if you delete your gig, the review (along with the work attached to the review) will still be available to the public.

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Simple answer. “Now way to remove this thumbnail”