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How to remove auto added live portfolio from my gig?


Anyone help me to find out a way to remove auto added live portfolio from my gig. My buyer wants to do not post any work of example to my gig. And how can I prevent from being posted next time delivery ?


On the page where your gigs are, click on the little arrow to the right of the gig (to open the drop-box) and the bottom option is “Live Portfolio”; uncheck it to remove that option… Incidentally, when the buyer chooses to leave feedback, THEY have the option whether to include the completed work or not, so it’s up to them to decide if they want it shown along with their review.

Here’s a screenshot I took of my gigs page, with the option circled in red:


As I think stopping live portfolio is not good think. so new buyer can’t see Your past works. As I think there is a option to controll Live portfolio in buyer side. so if someone don’t want to see their work In your portfolio they can just stop it and leave a review. if you stop that all the works you done on fiverr doesn’t appear on fiverr…



So, emonpaul, perhaps you can just tell your buyer that when (if?) they leave a review, there’s the option for whether they want the completed work to show up along with their review; if they uncheck that box, the review will still show up, but not the work you did for them.


Thank you for your suggestion but I want to remove specific portfolio from the gig not for all.


Then Contact Customer Support for that.


Now you can’t remove showing work on portfolio. tell to client stop it. they can. or contact CS and ask their support


Thank you for your suggestion


I think those who do not want to show their order (sometimes or most of the clients) do not leave a review.