How to remove bad or negative review


In working period we have to face many kinds of buyer, among them to some can’t be satisfied( reason is that they don’t know what they want and what his concept about design so they asked and want many sample) in that case if we got bad reviews,**how can we handle senior ? **


So far I know it’s not possible to remove any kinds(good/bad) of reviews once they are given. I might be wrong! Let’s wait hearing from the senior most user.



You can’t remove reviews but buyers can change their reviews (if you have redelivered the work after they wrote the review and they are satisfied).


i don’t think so anybody can change the review. well i am new to the community.


If the client dosen’t satisfied with the service that the seller provided than buyer will write poor review. It’s can’t change until client agree to change …


In case your client did violate some rule stated in the ToS (terms of service), in that case, with proof of the violation you can contact customer support and they would be willing to delete that review. Otherwise, if there was no violation of the ToS, you need to reason it with your client. However, don’t try to bribe him, just ask him what was wrong, deliver the revised job, and ask if now all of the requirements are met, and then on a polite way ask for changing of the review.

Also, note that you can ask only once for review change.


thank you sir for your suggestions


I am not a sir, don’t use that word on me. Just thanks for suggestions was fine. I don’t like being called “Dear Sir”, it makes me feel old. :wink: