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How to remove buyer request list No body know about this strange?

How can we remove old offer which we send to buyer as buyer request. Anybody know about this please give suggestions. PATH FOR OPTION.
Fiverr>More>Buyer request>SEND OFFERS
Now here how can we remove all unnecessary buyer request list.

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I do not think there is a way to remove your sent offers on Buyer Request.

We can however erase the requests we do not want to make offers on by hovering over the green “send offer” button and then you will see a blue “remove request” option.


This is only for particular current request. Not for already send request.

As far as I know, we can’t. The offer will stay there.


So it means there is no option or setting about this option.

No there is not…

But offer should expire or deleted after a particular timeframe.


If you’re talking about those offers which are not related to your gigs, then simply click on Remove request option.

But they do not expire as far as I know. However. I have never had a buyer come back after a long time and want to take advantage of an offer I sent previously.

They don’t. They seem to stay there forever.

Be careful what you offer, I guess?


how take advantage? :grinning:

There is no way to remove sent offers in the buyer request section. But for me that’s is great. I can easily go through all my previous offers and see exactly why they buyer did not hire me or the opposite.

It’s an excellent piece of insight, you can easily improve your offers by studying the ones you sent before.

Sorry a bit off topic but just thought I must share.


You are right. Now I can clearly understand everything has positive side.

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Thats good to see thing that way, but what if buyer come back with that offer after I change my price and my mind for that particular kind of work !

I have never seen a scenario where a buyer accepts my offer ages after initial offer through buyer requests.

Besides, buyers who come through buyers requests will contact you before actually accepting the offer. There is always something to discuss before they accept your offer.

Perhaps it comes down to what you write on your initial offer to the buyer. In my case I use buyer requests as an initial point of contact and invite them for further discussions. So although the offer can be nominal it still covers the basic costs of carrying out the service and is definitely not the last price.

You shouldn’t be worried at all unless you are trying to undercut competition by offering prices that are unreal for work that needs more time and resources.


Oh, I have - they came back months later after I’d completely forgotten about it.

@kesharbisht is absolutely right - there should be some kind of expiry option.

This has been asked for many times … still waiting …


I have faced that when I was new on this platform when buyer came to me directly by accepting offer.
About initial message and invitation to discussion, that depends more on what service seller offers…!

its not buyer accept offer after ages, they can even accept just after couple of day…but worst can happen is now seller dont have room to accept new offer because he is filled with new orders and offer that he aplied have time frame that can not be fit in any more .!

Not just about price but timeline at the same time…

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I agree with the timeline issue. Yes, if you really don’t have the capacity to carry out the order because you are already engaged with other projects then there can be a challenge. However the challenge can be easily resolved by limiting the orders in a queue or temporarily going out of office.


Now thats a totally different thing I would say…we wont know who and when accept our offer !

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Thanks all to their valuable suggestions.