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How to remove client's private work from reviews

I need help. My client’s private work that I read is displaying in the carousel review. Please help me remove this as I don’t have permission to display this. I don’t know how it’s showing up automatically. Can anyone help pls?


Is this when a client has already given you a review, as in the work is showing up in their review? Or are you talking about during delivery where there is an option to provide work as the preview (that then can be shown in reviews) ?

If it is the former, and the client has already left you a review, I don’t think there is anything you can do to change it. From what I understand, a buyer must check a box to allow the work to be shown in the review section. However if it’s the latter, and you’re about to make a delivery, I know that if the work is in a ZIP folder then it will not be displayed as an option for the previews.

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Yes, they’ve already left the review. I had no idea this would happen. It’s a pdf of their ENTIRE story that’s showing in the carousel. OMG. But, I figured out a temporary solution. I went to the “Gigs” section and then unclicked “live portfolio.” But I contacted each client anyway to let them know that it was displaying. Thank you for your response.

No problem! That is definitely an easy fix for sure, totally forgot about the live portfolio being optional. Odd though, considering the buyer has the option whether to show it or not when they place a review…so technically the fault wouldn’t really be with you. Either way, glad it worked out!

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