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How to remove fake negative review


hi i made 1st order on fiverr and may some misunderstanding but not i m sure i do same task that the buyers says when i delivered my order he said no this is wrong i dont want your work cancel my order and give my money back when i refuse to cancel order he said he will complaint to fiverr and give me bad review :frowning_face: what should i do


Report him to Customer Service. It’s against the TOS to use reviews as leverage in negotiation.


If you did the job exactly as your gig promised, then he has no reason to cancel. Not liking what he got is not a valid reason to cancel.

It depends on how much you fear his bad review. If you really can’t stand to get a bad review then agree to cancel and if not then don’t. Since it’s your first order then cancel.

Based on what you said you should cancel it.