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How to remove live portfolio work sample?

Hi all, My client ask me to remove his work sample from my portfolio. is there anyway to remove ?

As I know, there is option to hide portfolio images. But that will hide your all portfolio images. You cannot hide a specific buyer work sample. You can contact to support team, they will help you to remove.

Hi, Thank you for your kind reply, May i know how to ask them to remove ?

I didn’t do this before, because my buyer didn’t ask me to remove their work samples from my portfolio.

But you can ask like that:

My buyer asking me to remove his work image from my Gig portfolio. Can you please hide the image from my portfolio

Order Number #…

Thank you

Because Of Corona, Fiverr Support Is Slow Now. They Will Take 3-10 Days To Reply. So Ask Your Buyer To Give You Few Days To Remove IT

Thank you bhi, already place a request. Hopefully they will do faster. Thanks again for kind reply

Thank you bhai , Problem solve :slightly_smiling_face: