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How to remove "Messaging Disabled!" ? --> I can't read my message from others

i have just recieved a notification like this

"Messaging Disabled! One or more of your messages was reported as inappropriate or spam. Please contact Fiverr support to resolve this issue"

how possible to fix it ?

I think its written what you have to do

" Please contact Fiverr support to resolve this issue". Good luck!

Exactly what the message instructed you to do… contact customer support (<- Click the link) to resolve the issue.

You are right but give me some of steps to Enable disabled! messaging :-((

Reply to @maharshi_chavda: Mate you should have understood from the last posts that nobody can help and give you any steps but just Customer Support It is so easy so just contact them and tell them everything you’ve said here.

Reply to @maharshi_chavda: The first step is to contact customer support. They are the only people who can enable your messaging for you. We cannot and you cannot.

Reply to @prohelper27: thats true, I can’t, you can’t but Customer Support .

hi i have the same problem i gone on that link i dont know what to do after that how to contact this guys and no option for unblock mesaging