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How to remove my old payoneer account on fiverr

Please someone should help me out of this issue!

I want to remove my old Payoneer account on Fiverr and link a new one.


Please someone should answer me

Reach out to CS to get that sorted

My previous account has some money. after 90 days I can withdraw that money. If I connect payoneer with this new account will I able to withdraw previous account money?

Advance thanks :heartbeat: :heartbeat:

Contract payoneer support team.

You should send text in support

Payoneer will not give any support in this matter

You may do, its easy i have changed my old account where is allowed a free master card payoneer. Now, Payoneer should not issue free master card, there will be need min. $100. Payoneer have issued me a card only 15 days to open an account without any charges. But unfortunately, my old account didn"t continue.

You should create your own thread and not hijack someone else’s…

But talk to CS :wink:

Have done that but no response from them yet

Have contacted them but they haven’t responded to it yet