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How to remove my post on the forum


How to remove my post on the forum


How-to :small_red_triangle_down:


i cant see delete icon


Like the post reference, you may want to tag all Mods (as shown) to request a topic deletion.
If another user created the topic, then you’ll able to delete your post. However, if you created the topic, you can’t delete your post a moderator can do it for you.

Do you want this one removed or another?


I just tried to look at the edits on this OP to see if it was this one, but there are so many edits I can’t tell. If @gsmgraphic9 replies while I’m on I can delete something for him or her.


I’ve posted the same link for the two Titles by my mistake. This will be a problem for my account?


Where? In My Fiverr Gigs?


ohh no friend… my gig


So, now you have me confused. Your initial question in this thread was this:

Do you still need a post removed on the forum?

If you have a separate question about your gigs, I am not sure what you mean by posted the same link for the two Titles? Yes, it might be a problem, but I don’t know what you mean.


Sorry for confuse.
I’ve posted the same link (gig) for the two Titles by my mistake. i need delete one post.


Ok, so, I’m sorry but I still don’t have any idea which post you want to delete. I’ll look at your posting history and see if I can understand.


So, I don’t see anything in your posting history that looks important or problematic. Other than that, I’m not sure what you are asking. I think your forum posts are fine, but maybe someone else will know what you mean about the two titles thing. Good luck!


may be there have no way to delete your post form forum … but why you need to delete your post? its help to reach your goal … you can edit your post but i cant find any option to delete