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How to remove my review


I had someone do a retouch on my GF’s photo and when I gave the person a review the photo is exposed to everyone. How do I delete it? Please help.


I wish I knew, that would be bothersome. I just started Fiverr today so I am navigating around the site. I hope you get an answer to this soon!


translation: I asked a stranger to do some work on a sexy pic of my girl. The seller has an open portfolio, and now everyone can see my girl’s hot miaow

I would personally tell your lady that you’re a sadass who sends photos of her lol to others to edit, but gets “concerned” when it becomes public knowledge.

But we all know that’s because nobody could find your own part, even if a dedicated search party of thousands went looking. You [insert word here].

Oh, did you mean her smile? I’m sorry.


Direct your woman to this conversation if I offended you, by the way. I’d love to hear her thoughts.


I think the seller can remove the picture from showing if you ask them to.

If they say they can’t you can ask customer support if there is any way.



Here is what happened. When you were reviewing, a small box to the right of the comment section had a thumbnail of the order. (See the arrow in the attachment - I added a green box to show you where it would be located).

If you did not want the order displayed in the sellers live portfolio, you should have clicked it. The “+” means you agreed to display it. If you click it and change it to a “-” it would not be displayed.

The only way for you to remove it, at this point, is to have the seller do the “Resolve Now.” This will completely remove the review you gave him/her and you have to give a fresh review. ** Remember to click the thumbnail **

Also, if the seller does agree to do the “Resolve Now” icon - he/she could have negative impact on sales from 5r. In other words, they will be doing you one heck of a favor. ** If I were you, I’d give them one big fat tip at the end for the potential loss of clients. **


Contact Fiverr Customer Service.
They will remove the image from the seller’s portfolio.


she’s already got the big fat tip. That’s the point of this!



On second thought, do what taverr said.

It’s quicker and easier!!


Customer Support…