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How to Remove Negative Review (especially for Newbies)?

Hello everyone !

          Unfortunately  about a week ago i received negative review from a buyer,That's get me big shock since i was beginner here so didn't know much how to deal with it. I was so worried about negative review  which destroyed my profile impressions,views and also stopped getting orders. Worst part was that i even was not able to send offers since my rating was dropped by 88%.  After some days  a guy helped me , that i can solve this issue from Resolution center by sending  mutual cancellation request to my buyer, i did cancel and refunded his money, he accepted my cancellation request and i was so happy to see there was no negative feedback on my profile. Now am again back in game because of 100% rating. 

So my Sincere advice to Newbies is avoid negative rating by immediately contacting the customer. In case he is not accepting the request no problem you guys can talk to Fiverr customer support, Since you already have refunded the money so why should be a negative feedback on your profile.

Cheers !!!

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You can simply say to them a message saying -


Please show me the area of the document you had a problem with and I will have it addressed immediately. Due to Fiverr’s strict feedback system, anything less than a 5 star review somewhat tarnishes the reputation of a seller and massively impacts sales. Please help me help you in order to upgrade that feedback to match the full 5 Star Review we have for you."

If this doesn’t work - you may send the cancellation request with wording: “Policy, Unsatisfied customer, 100% refund.”

If they accept, the feedback will disappear as well.


You have 3 reviews all positive. I guess it worked.

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im having almost the same problem what can i do ?? please help me

I want to remove my negative review but there is no way to do this.

Please contact your buyer

Can anybody tell, how can we remove the negative review left by a buyer.

I took a job for graphics design and gave him one day delivery time. But I got some family problem and I got late. The buyer did not contact me and straightly cancel the order and wrote a negative feedback. Is there any way to remove it??? I mean, he cancelled, he got refunded. I I did not get anything except a negative feedback…:slight_smile: Just asking???

“Cancelled order. Seller failed to deliver on time!” is a system generated message and is not written by the buyer, this appears if the buyer cancels an order that is late. You can try asking Customer Support to remove it but they rarely do. :slight_smile:

I have the same problem.My buyer requested of me cancellation his order. I accepted his request and i refund the his money.But now not get any orders.what i can do?

I think the key is for the buyer to ask Customer Support to remove it. I once cancelled an order by accident and negative feedback was autoposted; when the seller informed me, I contacted Customer Support as a buyer and they fixed him right up.

Ohh Thanks a lot…:slight_smile:

Just wait some time. It happens. Use the buyer sections and keep updating your gigs…

Thank you for your answer.

Hello Fiverr,

I got first order on fiverr from a buyer on my logo design gig on 22 march 2016. Unfortunately I"m not in the city that time & not in access with internet. That’s why Unable to respond buyer & result to cancelled order & I got Negative Feedback saying that “Cancelled order. Seller failed to deliver on time!”

When I come back to my home town & seen that cancelled order I Regretted so much then I contact this buyer, asked for apology & offer him extra services, he order me again on the same gig & this time I complete his order as per their requirement & give him good service & experience & he give me a good rating & positive review on the same gig.

And because that one Negative feedback my rating is below 90% & I won’t be able to log new buyer request.

Kindly Help me what should I do.?

Somebody help me Please

Thanks & Regards


Helpful post dear , I was also worried about negative review. Um thinking if anyone give me a negative review i will close my account for newer one , ha ha … Thanks dear for posting about the important issue

Thanks a bunch. Stay positive!