How to remove negative review


when my work fully finish then i submitted the order and my buyer give a 1star rating.
my buyer send me tow extra work and tell me when you fix it then i will update the review then i’m again finish two extra work then i click on the “Resolve Now” button at the top of my order page.Select “I have an issue with the feedback I received from the buyer” Then select: “Ask the buyer to modify their feedback” Note : its limited to once per order. however my buyer fully happy then he going to updates the review but he click wrong button decline modify their feedback request. i already contact support and received a message ‘’ I can see that your buyer has declined your request to remove their feedback. We can cancel the order, but this will not result in feedback removal." now any better way for me and remove the review.


In the past month, which is as far back as I looked, you only have 5 star reviews.

I did not see any 1 star reviews.


Well, igot the same issue too. But still have not got any respond from fiverr.
Fiverr need to do something to protect their buyers too


I don’t think that there is anything you can do about this as fiverr works presently. It used to be the case that you could refund and the feedback was removed, but this was open to abuse by sellers. Now we have a situation that is open to abuse from buyers.

This system of claim and counter-claim with fiverr refusing to get involved is unsatisfactory and will be the downfall of the site.

A solution must be found.


Yes, it’s a difficult situation when a buyer accidentally leaves a bad review (I’ve had a couple buyers who mis-clicked and only left a 3-star when they meant to leave a 5).

I would ask the buyer if he/she is willing to contact Fiverr Support themselves and ask them to be able to modify the review (if the client is indeed happy and really wants to revise their review). I had one client do so. It seems that might be the only way of modifying a review in a situation like this.


Thank you all :slight_smile: review already removed !!