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How to remove negative reviews and ratings?

Here I am telling my own story. Once a buyer gives me negative review because he was asking for some extra work and I refused ! After this I contacted him and ask to remove negative feedback for this I will give you my 2 service free then He agreed and he removed the gig and now He is my repeat buyer also. This is batter to give some extra service to your buyer so they don’t think about negative reviews.

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Or from here?

Or here? https://www.■■■■■■■■■■■■/fofiverr/

Here? https://mobile.■■■■■■■■■■■■/FiverrTipsTricksFromTopRatedSellers/

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What exactly were you hoping to achieve here?

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Sorry ! Posted mistakenly ! Topic changed !

You only remove a negative review if you can convince your buyer to retract it, In the worst care scenario, if you got 1 star, try to convince your buyer to get a refund and mutually cancel the order.

P.S: Thank you to those guys who couldn’t write these 3 lines I did, but ended up researching the whole forum so you could come up with relevant posts and humiliate someone. This forum has become too venomous to newcomers.

Thank you sir !

I rest my case. You know why.

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I just copy-pasted and mistakenly found all the duplicates on the first page of Google, then mistakenly posted them on here. It’s hardly venomous to do something mistakenly, isn’t it? Besides, this is tips for sellers and now it’s “my personal story”. Probably another mistake? There are plenty of newcomers who manage not to make so many mistakes then backtrack horribly when caught out with batter advice from their own frying pan.

Besides, I saw you being rather “venomous” elsewhere on this forum. And your advice isn’t quite correct: you need to also convince your buyer to remove the review (or OK the removal so CS can do it). Bribing the unhappy buyer with free work doesn’t always work, either. They may be so unhappy they make the review worse, or complain to CS about spamming ("please change my review time too many msgs), or simply see an opportunity to milk you for everything your worth while never changing the review.

Quite frankly, newcomers shouldn’t be able to dispense advice or tips. Nothing against them as people, but nobody wants regurgitated elderly advice (the refund removes reviews thing changed some months ago to this new policy) or stuff that’s just pain wrong or enterprising “if I post, they will come”.

I wrote more than 3 lines of correct advice, so you lose.

Unless she is moderator on forum, I don’t see any reason she has to worry about that.

Please pals, we are all here to help ourselves. if anyone should be wrong in any way, the person stands to be corrected and not humiliated. we are all fighting for one goal here.
To me the only way to remove negative reviews and low rating is by not even allowing your buyer to think about that.
At times i make provision for 1 or 2 revision but when i see that my client isn’t satisfied, i give an extra revision.
It is better to give one more revision than to get a bad review. it will drive millions of customers away from you.