How to remove negative reviews on fiverr and what’s the best time to make solution (duration) with buyer?




Did he gave you a 3 star review by mistake? Well what I know is that you CAN’T ask your buyer to change the rating, you’ll get a warning. If you delete your gig I think that the 3 star review will be removed from the gig (obviously) but not from your profile. Not sure but I thinks that’s how it works.


As a new saller just to know about this matter, even i’m not much clear about this matter and thanks for sharing!


Well there is no way to remove a negative review, what you can do is earn more positive reviews.


You couldn’t do anything, even if it by mistake or intentionally but you can’t do anything now, you can’t message the buyer to improve the rating and you also couldn’t approach to the CS for it’s removal.

If you do any of the above task In both case you will be warned or demoted to lower level.


As a saller our intention is to make it 100% happy to buyer; there is no doubt! But i guess it might be happen into us by mistakenly or intentionally …thanks nice sharing (for both of you)!