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How to remove one gig if I am not able to log in that account

I want to remove one gig, what is the procedure? Need help with advice…?

That is the same as asking “how to get you phone out of the house if you can not get into the house”. The simple answer is, it’s impossibru. You first need to have access to the account to be able to remove the gig. Well you could also try to contact support and ask them to remove it for you. Also why aren’t you able to log in your account?

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Sign in to your account
Click Setting
Then there you can see the gig. Do it click
You need to remove the gig. Click the box next to the right side and then click Delete

Your topic title makes it sound like you have more than one account. How many Fiverr accounts do you have?


Why would you want to remove a gig if you can’t even log into your account?

That makes no sense.

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Are you trying to remove a gig from someone else’s account? You can’t do that.