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How to remove the negative feedback

Hello, I am active on fiver since one year,I have a problem regarding negative one Buyer fragglesrock give me a link and asked that it is possible to add this link on some Wikipedia pages,I told him that I asked Wikipedia Moderator, If they allow me I will think to add, if not then I will inform you the result.after that he give me order, I asked from Wikipedia moderators but they denied that this link advertise a website, which is against the policy of Wikipedia. I told that thing to Buyer after that he marked completed my order. Now He say that give me money my back, and he give me negative review, Now how i remove it. What i do please inform me.

Sheriff’s note: it’s not fair and or allowed to call out other members

If you failed to do the work (which it seems as though you did as you were unable to edit his page) then the negative feedback is justified and you should give him a refund.

First, you should try to talk with your buyer and solve the situation with him.

You can also open a ticket with Customer Support, but the first thing they’re going to tell you is that you should try to solve the problem with your buyer :slight_smile:

Anyway, if you go on with Customer Support, provide all the evidences that you did your job and buyer provided an unfair feedback; I have to tell you that the most likely answer will be that CS is not allowed to remove negative feedback without buyer consensus!!