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How to renew my account?

Hello there,

Greetings!! My Respected fiverr forum people I hope you all are well.

I joined fiverr in 2018 November. And I’ve successfully completed 6 orders, But Suddenly 2 orders canceled one after another. Then I got depressed and I left my account. After year now I’m back and want to work again. But I don’t have skills of Code anymore, Now can only work on wordpress. Right now I’m so confused and nervous, I really need some guidelines and suggestions Please help me with knowledge and Please show me the right path.

Is it possible to get works by changing my old gigs ?

I know you guys can give the best advice and also you can show me the best path to start working here again. Please feel free to share any kind of Idea. Stay Home & Stay safe.

Thanks & Regards


Explain what you mean by

I really don’t see what’s the problem :woman_shrugging: Delete old gigs for coding and create new ones for Wordpress. That’s it, simple as that.

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1 year ago I used to work on coded website, Now I want to work on WordPress. So if i change my gig titles and description can get works again ?

Please edit your post an brief clear.

A gig’s URL is permanent. You’ll have to create new gigs if none of the gigs have a URL that can be recycled for your new direction.