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How to reply buyer request with attractive way

I am new seller. Please help me. How to reply buyer request with effective way.


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reply on the point

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Firstly you have to understand the topic what they want. After that you’ll explain about the topic that you can professionally.


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Hi saheenreza, I can see that you have already done work for buyer(s) on Fiverr. Your account pertains to October 2018, and you say that you are a new seller? May be you were not active in the past year(s). Anyway, it is purely a matter of your kind of understanding how you are able to get what the buyer is exactly looking for. Once you understand that …you need to write something so convincing as per his / her need that the buyer must see your reply and react. Your response and communication should be topical, relevant and promising to the buyer. I am specifically sharing one of my winning responses which enabled me to get an order worth 85USD. Hope this will be of help to you and others. All the best…


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