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How to reply buyers professionally

Hello fiverr community. I have a problem and I know. I lost about 3 buyers to another sellers (2 told me they hired another buyers). Please can someone list what I need to know and do when having conversation with a buyer who contacted me directly through gig ( and not through buyer’s request). Please someone should help me out. I can send screenshot of our conversations if needed.


Send screenshots, remove sensitive data.

Fiverr is an extremely competitive marketplace. The first step in success is to realize that you (or any seller) are not entitled to orders just because you want them. You are going to have to out-compete those other sellers. You are going to have to be better than the other sellers who offer the same services you offer.

The answer is simple: Communicate honestly, and address the buyer’s needs while offering a service that resolves those needs. No one can tell you how YOU need to do this, because YOU need to find what works for you. How I connect with my customers, for example, is not going to work for you. Be genuine, be respectful, be honest, be helpful, be you.

No, that isn’t necessary. Just connect. Be the seller who solves their project needs.


thanks so much, really helpful


I suppose there are no short cut way. Start to end you have to be professional in your communication and in the mean time you have to prove why you are best then others seller. You can ask full service details then it will be more easier to clarify your service. If you have similar work experience you can share with your client. Hope your buyer would be positive to hire you.