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How to reply to a negative review which is unfair?


I just had a very bad experience with a new client. I know it’s a part of the journey but sometimes it’s really difficult to accept such a bad experience!

I would like to know from the experts that, how to reply [politely or professionally so that the reply doesn’t sound bad/ harsh to other potential clients] to a negative review which is very unfair?

Thanks in advance!


i was looking for same answer.

How would you respond to that review? What do you plan to write?

Having read the review, the buyer does seem to be extremely unhappy, and has listed a number of things that he believes you have either done incorrectly, or to a poor quality.

The only thing you can do is to provide your side of the story. Is there a reason or a justification for why things went wrong? What happened in your opinion? Having read the review, if I were a buyer, I’d want to know that before I ordered from you. I’d want to hear your side, as without that, the review is quite damning.


I see you gave him a 4 star review, and, at least from my experience, it takes a lot not to give a buyers a 5 review. So I do believe your experience was less than ideal.

His review, however, was well written and listed all problems he faced in that order from his point of view. As said above I’d probably not consider you further for an order if your reply does not address his comments.

  1. Why do you feel his review is very unfair?

  2. Did you really leave him hanging for a full day before sending him messages? Were those messages needed for the delivery?

  3. Was it really supposed to take only 4 days? Did it take 2 weeks? And if so, why?


Though am not an expert, but I will suggest you to contact with CS as soon as possible. Tell them exactly what happen. If they think you are not faulty then they might help you.

Thank you so much for your answer. I think this is the best way to handle such situation!

Thank you for your valuable advice!

You cannot force buyer to change review or talk about it at all, its against TOS, buyer can writer whatever he or she wants, you just provide your side of story and leave it. Generally, if you have overall good feedback then 1 or 2 negative feedback won’t affect you.

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Yeah I know that. Anyway, thanks for sharing your thoughts!

We cant really force the buyer to give positive feedback but at least he could have tried to sort it out before going ahead and leaving a negative feedback :frowning:

Sir, my question was “[How to reply to a negative review which is unfair?]”, not how to get positive feedback after receiving a negative review! Anyway, I got my answer already! Thanks for your reply.

I was speaking for you. Anyway thank you :slight_smile: Also that buyer isn’t a person who usually keeps negative feedback… maybe he got upset about your lack of communication.

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Reply politely, apologise for the delays in communication, and apologise (but also give an explanation) as to why this delivery took longer than it should have. Finish by wishing him the best, hoping he finds a seller than can deliver what he was looking for, and commit to learning from the experience.

That way you seem polite, reasonable, understanding, and like you’re always committed to improving.