How To Report A Bad Top Rated Buyer/Seller


Hi Fiverr’ss
Second time this week I have had a bad buyer experience. both recent recipients of TRS TRB badge.
The don’t order properly from the requirements and don’t answer the requests.
One asked me to voice offensive VO material against my clear requirements. Can you now ban these buyers. I don’t think a TR buyer should be able to get away with this apparent dissregard for fellow sellers.


Are they top rated (crowned) buyers, top rated sellers or both please?

Top rated buyers don’t actually have to do much to get their crown - just spend a fair amount of money and they get it.

If they’re top rated sellers, and you feel they’re doing this to jeopardize your account then that would be something for CS to deal with.


Crowned, not sure what that is


That’s a top rated buyer - nothing to do with their level as a seller.

Might be worth dropping CS a note?


How do you ban them from futher purchases


I did. One of them closed the order with no review to avoid an open ticket


You can go to their profile and see if there’s a “block” option under their profile image (I think it might only show if they’ve ordered from you in the past). Though the “block” doesn’t seem to show on all the ones it should.
edit: it seems browser dependent on whether it shows the “block” option - try Google Chrome.

You could also report the message if it’s offensive.


This is a rare time I’m glad there is a blind review