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How to report a buyer?


I met a client and we decided to work at a certain monthly rate, we didn’t actually go for the gigs, everything was decided via messages/chat (I got proof as well). After a month, when it was time to pay, client just disappeared and told me only once that he had an accident and he’s recovering very fast, haven’t heard from him afterward even after reminding him twice a week.

I tried to look for any section to report this guy but I don’t see any option, there is nothing related with reporting any client. I know, I should have sent him a custom offer but it just happened in a different way. Now, what should I do? The payment is around 500$, not a small thing to leave and I did a lot of work during the month.


Don’t start working until the order is made.


some buyers asking they have allot of work and their conversation is very good and give the order and when thy got there desired thing then suddenly thy change the behavior and use abuse language etc… and asking to cancel the order… what can we do that time? please help… i face this problem


I am having issue with one I should have known I just wrote cannot do anymore little adds till you pay me else I am in violation and work to hard to loose what I ahve


How can you trust someone with a $500 work with no contract?

#6****** Do not take orders for them they do not pay and will ask you to set up an email to post adds tried few times easy but I found out they are using t to spam and just not comfy I asked what compay tell me about you a bit notts

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rotemitc paid me once as a test but bnotta and they and the above connected