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How to Report a customer

I want to lay a complain of the last customer that rated me 3 weeks ago , he rated me badly on fiverr!


he lied i tried contacting him but he never replied and canceled order to reduce my rating please help fiverr.

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I would let it go as CS is not patient with anyone, buyer or seller asking to have reviews changed. One exception that I am aware of is when a competitor buys your gig only for the purpose of giving you a damaging review.

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This wins for most unethical post of the day.

You tried to manipulate a review and then you shared the person’s name and the order in the forum.

Read the ToS and start behaving ethically.

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what excuse me i create another account ? this is my main fiverr account i dont know who he is or where is from he just created a order and canceled it so what should i do

I didn’t say you created another account and you haven’t addressed anything I said.

You wanted to write to the seller to complain about your bad review. That isn’t going to inspire sympathy in us and neither is you outing his details here. I’m sorry he cancelled after that, but that doesn’t mitigate these things. You would know that if you read the rules of both Fiverr and the forum.

Ok thanks alot :slight_smile:

Actually that’s an automated review by Fiverr after an order is late enough (a couple of days late?) and the user gets the option to cancel. It they select to cancel it adds that automated review (the wording of that automated review is always the same).


So, in effect this review was your fault not the buyers. :wink:


I think the order got started (I don’t know whether there was enough written in the order requirements or not) but the buyer wouldn’t reply to the seller’s messages on the order page and then it went late enough for the buyer to be given the option to cancel, still without the buyer replying on the order page. The buyer cancelled and the automated low review got added.

There is always the option to ask CS to cancel…

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hmmm automated reviews really got me this time , he created order but i tried messaging but no reply sad…

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